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Soozier 23" Strength Training Parallettes Push Up Bar Stand

Soozier 23" Strength Training Parallettes Push Up Bar Stand

If traditional pushups have proven to be too much of a strain on your wrists, but you want all the benefits of a pushup workout then you need a Soozier parallettes/pushup bar. Using a pushup bar allows you to maintain a neutral wrist position, reducing stress and discomfort while working out. This set of pushup bars is perfect for at home or gym use. Doing pushups on an elevated surface, such as with pushup bars, allows for greater range of motion creating a stronger muscle contraction and greater exercise variety. This set can also be used as a parallettes bar so you can perform gymnastic like core workouts. Perfect for L sits, V sits, and handstands you work your core in ways you wouldn't normally be able to. Put your hands on the bars and hold yourself up against gravity to get one of the best core workouts around. Get the upper body and core strength that you have always wanted with this Soozier brand parallettes/pushup set.


  • Improve upper body strength and endurance
  • Great way to increase chest, arm, back and core strength
  • Able to use as one solid piece or two separate handles
  • Powder coated handles for strong grip
  • Stable steel construction
  • Lightweight but durable frame


  • Overall Size: 22.8"L x 15"W x 10.6"H
  • Grip Diameter: 2"


  • Matte Black

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