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16 X 24 (4.75") Beachcomber "Shanty" Reclaimed Wood Picture Frames

16 X 24 (4.75") Beachcomber "Shanty" Reclaimed Wood Picture Frames

Out of the ashes--or in this case, leftover bits and pieces of reclaimed wood--comes a brand new old wood All Barn Wood frame style: the Beachcomber "Shanty" reclaimed wood frames. The natural/unpainted version of this picture frame features everything from washed out white wood to dark brown/almost black bits in a sea of colors,textures, widths and thicknesses. The painted version of this reclaimed wood frame features about 1/2 natural/unpainted wood along with painted white and red slats from wood that was painted years ago and which is in a varying state of disrepair. The painted red and white boards are cracked, peeling, faded and otherwise very cool--the painted colors are not consistent from frame to frame and sometimes not consistent within one frame. Warning: If you suffer from OCD and want everything to be even and straight and uniform, the beachcomber frame is not for you! However, if you (like me)think random, unique, and unusual are beautiful, you are going to love this frame. Includes cardboard backing and hanger; Does NOT include glass.

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